Good bye 2014-Hello 2015


What is a year?
Is the end near?
A Year in Review?
Or to start anew?
To shed the past
And make it be last
Make room for the fresh
Nourish spirit & flesh
For the year has gone by
And it’s time to say good bye
To the tears I have cried
The fears I tend to hide
The price has being paid
The path has being laid
For I have no room for sorrow
No further time to borrow
To hate nor disgrace
To argue and stress
I don’t care to live small
Nor do I wish to appall
For what is a dreamer
But a life’s pattern weaver
I don’t know why I envision
In the corners & walls
I don’t know why my vision
Can be clear as a mission
I understand to live, we become more than we are not
So gone are the days of sorrow & sadness
Gone are the days that lack calmness
Gone are the days of abundant reaction
Gone are the days with no satisfaction
It is definitely time to take action
A New Year is here
And not far, but quite near
Time to live in the moments
Laugh at Life’s torments
Love abundantly without comments
Motivate & Create Sonnets
Inspire without Laments
Good Bye to old father TIME
To a bolder, kinder, successful, happier, lovelier,present, accountable, engaging, fulfilled, educated, balanced, harmonious,peaceful,healthier, family filled, abundantly filled, relationship built, no limits of a Happy New Year.
Happy 2015🎉🍷☕️😘


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