SunDay Post of Gratitude

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Gratitude is the friend

that can mend a bitter end

adjust the lens, begin again

in Gratitude we learn to stand


as we partake, submerge into streets of gratitude

we begin to understand our self perceived latitude

as the lens adjusts and bends

the focus of life  develops and mends

for when we see beyond the caterpillar

the shadows within our tunneled cocoons

we recognize they were essentially a pillar

never understood by simple buffoons


and so in lands beyond our reach

how it comes that knowledge preach

Is it divine unforeseen plan?

for in this world there is one land

from the time I wrote a fate

a candle steady wax on plate


The glimmer of a shining candle

the pencil on a single handle

As it glides along the printed lines

Creating memories in rhymes


Gratitude was indeed the words

that exited from my silenced cords

for in that page of written vision

I had sealed my life’s conviction

In the end line, as words would sift

I wrote these words, Life is A Gift


The way we spend our life

will determine and define

for if we spend our life in hate

we will remain a simple slave

but if we stand beyond our latitude

We will live, rejoice, succeed

in inner peace, freedom



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