Note To Self

self confidence

Amongst confusing trivia

swim through massive media

run past valleys and notions

Diminishing callous word poisons

The matrix of life

Is the Hater’s Snitch Wife

It is married to misery

and rejoices in trickery

Than one day you wake

and all the molds break

In the Matrix of Sadness

No longer lives Darkness

Not on my time

not on my rhyme

not on my life

not on my side

I don’t control what is given

I control what is written

In the lines that I Thrive and encourage

Hate and Shame will not flourish

Upon the occasional stumble

and when I choose instead mumble

Rest assured I will not take rest there

I have come to find out

with both feet upon this ground

There is no better realization

and requires no condemnation

than to tell you my friend

The Matrix

is Dead

If you so choose to see it

that way

What the mind can conceive

it can definitely achieve

Note to thy self

on the days of a dark Matrix

for dark cannot drive out darkness

only light can do that


Some phrases taken from the amazing Napoleon Hill and the Inspiring Martin Luther King Jr.


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