I choose to vow
To a world for the better
To a good life & settle
I choose to live now

I won’t forsake any whales
I don’t kill any sharks
I don’t judge any hawks
I won’t fake any tales
I don’t live wreckers park

If the hissing of the crawler
Shall mar existence by a color
The satellites keep rhyme
Of chaos, murder & mime

My back I turn to honor
What remains, within the color
Of the future that I paint
Not to live in senseless hate

May the hissing of another
Make the waves I now uncover
To refuse to be reduced
To a pond in chess seduced

I don’t feel amused
By the hearts that are broken
The words left unspoken
The innocent accused

While hissing makes its world
To be “better off” in cord
For better or for worse
Run Amuck a bitter throne

While the noose remains quite loose
Still I single handed choose
To lead a better life
Beyond living, choose to thrive

But my words shall not be broken
Nor turned into selfish words spoken
They are steady as a drum
The beating of my heart

No gender required
No child need fired
No man to be diminished
No Woman need be finished

For women are not objects
And men are not wallets
Education is the key
To cut bars & finally free

So while images are priced
And lives are half way sliced
I will stand for conservation
Prevention, future conversation

My mind remains strong
My heart remains fierce
My spirit remains brave

A Poem Inspired thinking of the two most priced possessions that remained after the facts
G & S
My inspiration to make our world a better place


The Caged Bird Freed



In the notes I found my courage
In the sonnets my weakness
In the lines my spirit free
In the words my innocence flees

For as long as I can remember
To a song My soul surrenders
In the beating of my heart
Forever a beating drum

They have carried me through sadness
Darkness that brought in fears
They have carried me through madness
Sadness and many fallen tears

They have carried me to happiness
From invisible to here
They have carried me through magic
Sometimes far sometimes near

In the spirit of a song
Heart steady & strong
I lost, I found, I belong
In the notes of my own Song

Lyrics they have fed me
As much as I inspire thee
As I find freedom in song
I tell you, you have freedom & belong


None Forsaken


In the waves stillness found
None forsaken nor bound
For when trust is placed
On an unforeseen place
In the universe trust
For life progress it must

In the calmness of water
No threat is a matter
All chains dissipate
All claims reciprocate

With my toes in the sand
Beyond any sea or land
hands together I thank
Loving I stand

To tell you, thank you
Life is a Gift
I tell you
That is no Myth
Life is a Gift💗

Porción de una Leyenda


En el pueblo de Guerrero
Nació un gran caballero
De padres mexicanos
Y paisas fueron sus hermanos

Fue por aquel mes de junio
Cuando empezó con lo sullo
Pues un maestro en canciones
Escritor de amor y traiciones

Fue un pintor de la vida
Con música de amor y alegría
A veces tristesa oh agonía
Con palabras pintaba y sentía

Joan Sebastián fue la estrella
Su leyenda con música sella
Con fuerza su vida enseña
Y regresa a el cielo de Azteca

Cuando se va un escritor
Un amante de arte y fugor
No se borra tan fácil su huella
No se esfuma tan fácil su estrella

Pues en el corazón de un ranchero
Se encuentra el amor verdadero
A la vida, los corazones y senderos
sentimientos gravados sinceros

En la música seguirá así con vida
En las letras, leyenda, así yo diría
Que la muerte nos roba presencia
Pero nunca nos quita la esencia
Pues su legado sellado ahora queda
Entre los grandes intérpretes vida

El camino de un compositor estrella

Poema inspirado por el gran compositor Joan Sebastián
Con respetos
Descanse en Paz

She Believes


It’s not all in a trophy
Victory claim, in your face
It’s not in one glory
Or get off from my place

It’s not to live for applause
Or to boast I’m the best
It’s not in the pause
To oppress on the crest

It’s in the sacrifice spent
It’s in the blood, sweat & tears
It’s in work harder lack rest
It’s in the shedding of fears

It’s in the pain in the workout
That the extra mile may bring
It’s in the minute to look out
A victorious proof wring

Go live your goals
Go live your dreams
Go feed your soul
Ignoring the screams

This is your time
To live beyond limits
This is your prime
No time for more gimmicks

Beyond the bold & the brave
Beyond the soul & the victory
Beyond the strong & that crave
Beyond the win & the history

Beyond the hours of training
Beyond the injuries standing
Beyond the coaches demanding
Beyond the minutes remaining

You see, it’s not just a trophy
It’s history
She Believed



What ignorance sums
Live oppressed life of some
In the streets we see slums
As we rate become scums
Freedom is never free
death cannot force dreams to flee
For a voice there is a prize to pay
For the simple right to say
I am tired of the notion
That obedience equates devotion
I demand to sit on freedom’s bosom
I proudly stand on future to blossom
I refuse to sit on labels
That treat less than animal stables
I march to reduce corruption
To ignorance I declare an abortion
Freedom to some
Means freedom to none
For the land of the free
Is no home to a slave
Freedom to some
Equates freedom to none
If the blind choose to see
What ignorance sums
So I dare to Believe
Education overcomes
To live, laugh, love, dream & Believe
Education overcomes
What ignorance sums

in the land of the free

and the home of the Brave