To Hate I Speak Life


Hate has no color
Nor ethnic, lacks honor
It reaps through the souls
Deep core it corrodes

There is no skin color
In faces marred pallor
A contagious life virus
Happiness unjustly silenced

With a Bang innocence reaped
With a Bang darkness in creeps
With a Bang spirit demolished
With a Bang life is abolished

The questions arise
Projections demise
Negativity feeds
From the womb stolen seeds

Hate has no color
Nor Ethnic lacks honor
The mother of greed
Sadness it breeds

In times of dark madness
To ease all the sadness
A candle lit prayer
Touch a soul for the better

A moment of silence
To diminish the violence
Wear the shoes of another
To honor their mother
Their sister their brother
Their father their friend
life that shall have no end

For in spirit they live
In heaven they sing
They watch over each other
They watch over another

They lack further pain
Peace spiritual gain
Resting on heavenly glory
Lacking sorrow & worry

For those left on earth
To continue find worth
May you find the comfort you seek
May you find love slowly creeps
May you find courage in silence
May you find light creep in sadness
May you find a shoulder to cry
May you find a moment to try
May you find a prayer live by
May you stand up & speak
Against violence & greed
May you find in this life
The ability to Rise

With love, sympathy, honor & respect
To the victims & family of the Charelston Shooting


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