Own your Time


What fuses within

lacks attachment beyond

you see words that are spoken

by another who is broken

Are not yours to feed, receive nor breed

What encourages within

lacks discouragement  beyond

if an insult by another

has the power to squander

the essence of me

than I say you have forgotten

what it means, simply be

What goes on within

lacks what goes on beyond

to the fellow who bellows

and spits at your name

with squander & sores of destructive pretense

build walls to deflect, exits to fade & kindness embrace

show them the door

and close all your windows

for such madness is indeed quite sadness

no need to sustain

any bitter complain

what harbors within

lacks  shelter beyond

I have come to understand

that it is not a command

to always respond, defend, nor reply

but a moment to observe, prioritize &   Realize

what goes on within

does not come from what happens beyond

and when you let go

of the need to exclaim

defend, sustain, pretend, proclaim at all levels

there are indeed far less devils

existing without

existing within

what soul holds within

lacks any loss beyond

so if love is to live, be love

if kindness is to live, be kind

If respect is what you seek, be respect

if peace is sought, than be peace

if friendship is preferred, than be friend

if loving is preferred, than be loving

if nurturing is essence, than nurture

if caring is your nature, than be caring

for what goes on within

lacks what goes on beyond

set the pace for your days

the minutes to your weeks

the time to your hours

Be the captain of your life

the boss of your time

the guardian to your thoughts

the vessel to your direction

the leader of your destiny

the guide to your soul

what goes on beyond should pass through the filter of your essence and only enter if it nourishes your mind, body & core

only than

Choose to open a door

or perhaps use the window

for what goes on beyond

is not what belongs within

unless you choose so



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