The Seed, Wayne Dyer Inspiration


A single seed was planted

in the ripples of the earth

It was still in utter darkness

Whispers of madness were heard

“in darkness?What can possibly grow”

in the depths of dark & dirt

a seed cracked through its shell

through the pockets of dust

life begins to dwell

A single leaf begins to sprout

through the corners of self-doubt

as the leaf becomes a plant

Oxygen is given, it withstands

the dark, the cold, the rain & dirt

for to grow one must understand

that a seed, must sprout through dirt

That some rain, will make you grow

the sun, will give some nourishment

the dark, will show your glow


 So be thankful in your trials

and be thankful in the rain

be thankful in your glories

at any given day

for life is what we choose to see

not what happens in the myth

a storm and utter chaos

or a seed that chose to live

sprout through ripples

and believe



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