Dare You To Look

happy valentine's day

Have you ever stopped to think

in the seconds of a blink

or perhaps just closed your eyes

and seen the inside of your lids

in your deepest roundest thoughts

beyond words, silliness & flaws

I am enough to make a difference

Beyond the years of youthful innocence

for if a mustard seed can grow

a single drop make ripples flow

and a molecule can matter

your presence worthy like no other

A word may heal a heart

a piece perceived as broken parts

from obscurities ingrained

to opportunities not vain

and if a cell becomes a life

and a fetus smaller than my hand

can become the girl I am

than what’s to say that what you do

will never make a difference for you

for if you look within the lids

beyond thoughts & given flaws

you may find in deepest scenes

the person you most seek

is the person living within

if you simply dare to see

with the eyes that sleep within

you may find beyond damnation

there exists a beautiful creation

and when you find what you look for

do not hide or think, this has no worth

for the drop that sleeps within

will breed the ripples of your being

the life within does matter

Always step and dare go further

For in life those who made a change

were once the smallest mustard seed

the drops before the ripples

they simply dared

to look within






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