The Journey continues

The pathway of a writer, singer, songwriter, artist, entrepreneur, anything out of a comfort zone or realm can be like a roller-coaster. Just when you think a corner turns, the next best thing, the opportunity is there at times it simply vanishes. Life in a sense can be that way. A ride at times that we choose to be part of a ride that at times is given to us. It is the will and our persistence that determines where we head to next. It is also through mentors and others that we learn and manage to summon the courage to continue. I am thankful for all those in my life who have in some form or another helped me in that journey. I am humbled by the opportunities and words of encouragement, at times from places I never expected or thought I would deserve. I can learn from those who were born into success and struggle to form their own identity. The bar is set for them, and to surpass that bar, I can only summon can be a victory in a sense. Forgiveness is freedom. It does not diminish facts, it only diminishes the value of the same and gives room to opportunity and forward thinking. Learning from those who have been there and done that to me is a blessing. I have a long way to go. Humanity to me is freedom. It allows me to believe in the things that have always been important to me. The journey of a writer a journey indeed.


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