9-Mountains into Minigoals

Let go of overwhelmed

Let go of overwhelmed

“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goals.”
Henry Ford


What are the Mountains in you life? Do you have goals you wish to achieve that appear impossible? Have you ever attempted to succeed only to fail?


New goals can become daunting, they can become our biggest motivation or obstacle. Obstacles will always be a part of daily living, especially when setting new goals. The ability to reach those goals can appear impossible when confronted with setbacks and detours. When the task at hand becomes overwhelming, the ability to turn mountains into mini goals is imperative to achieve your definition of success.
When confronted with Mountains to overcome in order to reach your destination you must divide them into mini goals. Leave your self no other option but to move forward and push past the discouragement you will encounter, do not allow yourself time to become overwhelmed by your surroundings, the ability to succeed is ultimately your responsibility.
imageIt is healthy to take time to regroup, reconnect, reanalyze, reenergize step away from the noise to find yourself, but never quit.


imageIt is your life, no one else can live it for you.

When you compare your success to that of others, you will fail. The minute you decide to break your tasks into segments and steps to arrive at your destination is the minute you decide to become an active part of your achievements.
I had tried out for basketball and failed, my choices where to either watch my life pass me by and decide failure is my only option, or learn from the experience and return to my life as an achiever, nothing less than.

imageYou have to push past the noise, self doubt, nay Sayers and discouragement and leave yourself no other option.
imageYou have to learn to believe.imageI had to take time run, get in shape, practic pass, shoot baskets, whatever it takes.  Basketball taught me that in order to achieve a goal, you must be willing to learn from failure, put the time in, shed excuses, block out the unbelievers and look ahead, never look back.

imageWhen you accomplish one goal, however small that goal maybe, give yourself credit, you deserve it.

You can choose to stand on the sidelines and watch or you can decide to move forward.
Practice and persistence breeds excellence. It does not mean it will be perfect, without setbacks, or obstacles, it means you decided to set goals, move forward and breakdown the barriers one step at a time.
imageLearn from what did not work, turn your mountains into mini goals, create a plan of action and look ahead.  The future is called future for a reason, the past does not exist, it only lives as long as you provide life to it.  Learn from the past, leave it where it belongs and always take a step, however small that step is it will bring you closer to the future you care to live.


Live, learn and press on.


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