Oh! what would you not do!!!!!??

Poetry Inspired by the Amazing Dr. Seuss, in honor and respect to his work, life and legacy.


In fifty words or less

An author set to express

A world through a vision

with turmoil and division

but how to portray and display

in reality, fantasy that is reality and portray

what seemed as if was not was actually what is

and in 50 words no less the world we saw as his

it was not his however

through words and rhymes quite clever

we read about green eggs and hams

the Grinch and the Cat in the Hat

The places we will go

and the place to call home

In the undertone of art and words

we saw the reality of what life holds and scorns

For awareness to condemn is not better

awareness to understand is quite clever

for all the Great Nations ever built

were constructed similar to the art of a quilt

one piece at a TIME

with peace, love, understanding and kindness in mind


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