Fabulous YOU

super women

Because I am a Girl

I Can Dance, Sing and Sway

I can Run, Jump and Play

Because I am a Young Lady

I can Dream, Wish and Believe

I can Learn, Study and Achieve

Because I am a Female

I can Clean, Cook and Sow

I can Lead, Work and Be More

Because I am a Woman

I can Love, Marry and Birth

I can Boss, Hustle and Soar

So Stand Up Tall

and Do Not Play Small

Me? Afraid to Make a Sound?


My Head, I Shall Not Bow

For I look at My Sister, I Look at My Mother

I look at My Daughter

I raise my eyes

to the Wonderful Skies

I turn My Gaze Clearer

As I look in the Mirror

I See My Own Hero

I am Imperfectly Flawless

I am Perfectly Fabulous

Indeed I am

I am Fabulous

Beautifully Flawless



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