Relative Words


Is the Pain

Somewhat gain

either Stop,  Go  Again

Seep through Silence

Brake Through Violence

Purge Backfire Nonsense

Trough the Blood, Sweat & Tears

Releasing Repressed Fears

Inner STRENGHT, Visually Appears

For when we come to Pass

Our Death Bed Sees our Mass

True Living, Freedom at last

For only Through Death we Live

Only Through Loss we Give

Through Pain we Learn to Forgive

For in a World meant for the Living

 Looks are no longer deceiving

We give what we are Receiving

In the Paradox of essence

We understand meaning of Presence

As we release unarmed nonsense

It is relative what spatters

Not found in simple chatters

But in Heart, Soul, Kindness, Love, Life, Matters


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