Communication Realities


I heard Sally

Say to Timmy

Who told Kimmy

Assuming Jimmy

was hearing Filly

Telling Skippy

Thinking Fleapy

Calling so and so

To get up Missy

Talking about Miffy

Seeing Stiky

Miming Meacky

Who got back at Sissy

for what Cindy supposedly  said

and Cindy looked around and said

Good Morning

When we lessen to reply or stop communicating upfront, our voice carries like a never ending chain, producing fear, anxiety, anger, frustrations, never released from the oppressions of ignorance and living an invisible existence.

When we lessen to understand and communicate, remove ourselves from the traffic of noise,  we prevent the chains of doubt, despair and fear, for even if they exist, they quickly disappear and we open the door to courage, strength, understanding and communication.

Rumors end at a Wise person’s ear



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