6-Be Brave Enough To Be You


What is a FEAR

False Evidence Appearing Real

A silly Confusion

An imposed dark Illusion

There will be Critics

Volcanic Spouting Cynics

Who come to diminish our Quest

or any attempt t to live @ Your Best

Are They Responsible for your Cross???

Or your  Self-Worth Loss???

I say on to You, my Friend

When Life Forces You to Bend

Stand Up and Be Brave

No Need to Shout or Rave

The waves are Best Ridden

When we take the pen, demand how our life should be written

By our Actions, Not Silly Reactions

By our progress not imposed silly targets

By our strengths

our given right to see

nobility, agility, to be kindess, love courage and the ability

to stand and proudly

unwavering say

I am good enough

I am brave

I am Worthy

Just as I AM



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