I’m selfish




I’m selfish,I create progress
I am selfish,I love myself
I’m selfish,I Read Books
I am selfish,I improve myself
I’m selfish,I challenge me
I am selfish,I Believe
I’m selfish,I care for my two
I am selfish,I don’t care to revenge
I’m selfish,I care for the environment
I am selfish,I see the pain in another
I’m selfish,I stand up for others
I am selfish,I dislike gossip
I’m selfish,The world can be better
I am selfish,I stand for education
I’m selfish,Pollution is everyone’s problem
I am selfish,I focus on solutions
I’m selfish,I don’t focus on problems
I am selfish,I Believe in Equality
I’m selfish,I want my kids to do better
I am selfish,I don’t like to slander others
I’m selfish,I make mistakes
I am selfish, I learn from them
I’m selfish,I believe in love,compassion & purpose
I am selfish,I believe it starts within
I’m selfish,words, choices,actions are every individual’s responsibility
I am selfish,I will only be responsible for mine
I’m selfish,I believe women have the right to be human
I am selfish,I believe men have the same right
I’m selfish very selfish
I believe
I am selfish,I refuse to be reduced
I’m selfish,I rather be better I rather be me