And if we can walk than we can fly


There is a notion

requires no potion

sadly quite alien

still to this day

that women can thrive

not merely survive

be part of society

what a concrete analogy


that women can vote

and women can speak

women can write

and women can read

women can be engineers

entrepreneurs, astronauts, teachers

authors, mechanics, technologist, artists

directors, producers, presidents without fears


they can be mothers and sisters

caring and daring

they can be daughters and ministers

always prevailing

women need not be harsh

to achieve all that we can be

that is another sterotype

brought on by need

the invisible threat, that women want power

as men become less by the hour


It is not an issue of women

it is an issue of society

we hold back the potential of nations

when we decide intellect has gender


education is at most

not the tool for the lost

but the ability to gain knowledge

the wisdom of college


if a woman can speak

and a woman can write

than a woman can lead

and a woman can thrive


we don’t have to be objects

or hide our feminine side

we don’t have to believe we are scarlets

and pretend we are blind

to a man’s given label

 easier to threat in scars

instead of owning, boy, I’m not stable


for women can be presidents

and women can be residents

women can achieve exellence

and we don’t have to condescend


we don’t have to be hateful

we don’t have to be a threat

we only need to be ourselves

and use the given power within


not to hate, but to love

not to blame, but overcome

not to shame, but to thrive

not to oppress, but to gain

Maya Angelou by Spanglej, CC BY-SA 2.0.

the ability to see

all that we can be

how beautiful we already are

how wonderful we can truly be

Just as we are


Happy Women’s Day indeed

A poem inspired by women who pave the way and progress of society.