Dare to Be


As we look at another

do we dare, stop and bother

do we open our eyes

see the soul that’s inside


When we see our reflection

and our thoughts forced dissection

oh, the sight that we see

is the person conceived


we create our reality

we give in to insanity

believe we are alone

never sure, never in control


when we summon the courage

turn the page of given storage

we learn to begin

and life has no end


we see people not poverty

we see humans not cowardly

we see spirits not ghosts

we see humans at most


indifference is heart poverty’s route

destruction of  meaningful count

Mediocrity of a rich fulfilled life

the link that would keep humans alive


to give is to receive

to bend is not to brake

to love is not to hate

to receive we must learn to give


we reap what we sow

we harvest what we plant

we forget we are human and bold

we forget we are human and wise


to touch a human heart

we don’t have to fall appart

we don’t have to change who we are

we have to be more, than we once were


for if one can learn to hate,  one can lean to love

if one can learn to be cruel, one can learn to be kind

if one can learn to be wrong,  one can learn to be right

if one can learn to be flawed, one can learn to be flawless


To reach for another

is to care to recover

what we carry from birth

love and support

lack color, discrimination, judgment and scorn

the learned traits of discord


In a heart full of hate, there is no room for love

in a spirit full of doubt, there is no room for achievement

in a soul full of bitterness, there is no room for kindness

in a mind full of judgement, there is no room for acceptance


what a wonderful thought

and a gift of reality

that everyday we wake

is a new day to start


a poem inspired by humanitarian day