I know what I know, I know I don’t know.


There are hearts that seek rest
and fumble on a quest
Is it inner contemplation
or superficial observation
perhaps cooping inhalation
or venting exhalation
In the challenge of me
that has turned into we
necessary inner closure
to expose a different version
when attempts are made to keep
the inner mysteries I sleep
This much I have come to know
to be true of loss or hope
The heart will always seek a home
borders, linings, language, verse will roe
True love is not a game
Is a desire that is born from flames
it knows no color, gender, race or sorrow
it seeks shelter in tomorrow
To feel is a language spoken by many
understood by few, played by plenty
Sentiments are binding
love is always climbing
Either way the coin is tossed
there is no gain or loss
there are always hearts that seek
a person they may meet and keep
A soul that finds rest
is home finally at best
for in the end of all this perceived quest
love is what we seek
and you see, I understand

that I know what I know

I know I don’t know


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