Live, Laugh, Love


The next chapter on this blog post will be Live, Laugh, Love. I have decided to split it into poetry, it is one of the things I enjoy writing the most. Poetry is the space my heart and soul seeks rest, as any artist or person with passion within would understand.

This chapter is important to me. It speaks of the moment you decide to Live, Laugh and Love, as you realize there is only one life. There are no second chances. I was reminded of this when I saw a fellow nurse at a cancer benefit. The life was drained from her eyes and soul. I could see she just wanted to rest. In that moment, I realized how fortunate I was to live as my heart broke in front of the old version of myself. The main difference between her and I, the fact that I was still here, present on this earth, her life was drained. She has children and a few days of life left if not hours. This brave soul as she takes her final breaths and mourns for her family, made me see the version of myself I had become in life. Numb, tired, ready to give in, a blank slate.

I am thankful for that experience, it made me appreciate life in a different perspective. As I saw her, I realized I am alive, and life is too short for anything else other then to

Live, Laugh, Love





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