Yesterday is not today
and today is not tomorrow
the future is not someday
shed away your tears & sorrow
When you live in the dark
you reside in the past
that is no place to park
take a step, fear you will cast
plan for the future, don’t forget about today
for tomorrow you will wish, you didn’t wait for someday
As I point my finger to the sky
I know I can prep, sear and fly
notice it is not my middle finger
for bitterness, amazingly, surprise, does not linger
If you leave room in your heart
to continue hating what may part
you will miss out on the moment
to be loved, love,live and write a sonnet
to negativity I always wish well
In hate I don’t tend to dwell
Positive thinking is my wheel
It has allowed my soul to heal
what is life but a chance to walk and live
you don’t agree? that’s okay, I believe
that people will judge you, people will talk about you
people will hate you, people will love you
people will support you, people will be there for you
but to be content
with lack of pretense
you shall learn from the same
life is simple not a game
if people judge you, don’t judge people
open heart, open mind, watch and learn
if people talk about you, try not to talk about people
no need to respond, not because you are better, or bitter, but because you learn better
people will hate you, try not to hate people
at the end of the day, you will poison your soul
people will love you, learn to love people
when you shine from within, you allow others to show authentic, love heals
people will support you, learn to support people
focus on the positive, get rid of the negative and celebrate
people will be there for you, learn to be there for people
but never give more than you are able to give
for you must treasure your heart and be open to receive
Life is one
and it will be what you make it
you simply can’t fake it
Where you put your energy, life is formed


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